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Power Up Your Ride: All About the Tesla Wall Connector Gen 3  

Thinking about switching to an electric vehicle here in the UAE? Congrats!  You’re making a smart choice for the environment and your wallet. But where will you juice up your new ride? Home charging is the way to go, and the Tesla Wall Connector Gen 3 is not only a popular option but also one of the most affordable in the market.  But is it the perfect fit for you?  Let’s take a closer look and see!

Tesla Power for Everyone?

Tesla recommends the Gen 3 Wall Connector for their Model S, X, 3, and Y.  Of course, it makes sense they’d recommend their own charger, but here’s the good news:  the Gen 3 goes beyond Teslas. Its versatility shines through its software-configurable settings, making it compatible with a wide range of EVs. This Level 2 charger, boasting the longest built-in cable of 7.3 meters, ensures convenience and accessibility for all EV owners, offering a quick and reliable charge.

Charge Up Your Life (Literally!)

The Gen 3 boasts some serious perks.  It’s a permanent, hard-wired solution that lets you ditch the slow charging of a regular outlet.  It works with either 60 or 40 amp circuits and leverages a 240-volt power supply for efficient charging, both indoors and outdoors.  For Tesla owners, that translates to up to 71 kilometers of added range per hour! 

Safety First, Speed Second

We all want our EVs to charge quickly, but safety is paramount.  The Gen 3 comes with built-in DC leakage protection and residual current detection.  These fancy terms basically mean the charger looks out for you and your car, preventing any electrical issues.  Plus, with Wi-Fi connectivity, you can remotely monitor and control your charging using your phone – talk about convenience!

Added peace of mind comes with a 4-year manufacturer warranty, underscoring the product’s reliability and quality

The Takeaway

Whether you own a Tesla or another EV, the Tesla Wall Connector Gen 3 is a powerful option to consider.  It offers fast charging, smart features, and universal compatibility.  And if you’re here in the UAE, don’t forget –  Emagine provides expert installation services to ensure your EV charging setup is perfect for you.  Now get out there and hit the road – responsibly charged, of course

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