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ElectrifyArabia App is Live!

Experience the future of electric vehicle charging with ElectrifyArabia. Download now and discover a world of convenience, control, and sustainable transportation. Enjoy hassle-free charging, seamless bookings, and effortless monitoring – all at your fingertips.

Power the Future, Join the Grid

Charge up your electric vehicle with ease and convenience using ElectrifyArabia, the ultimate app for EV users. Discover nearby charging stations, book your spot in advance, and enjoy a seamless charging experience. Monitor your energy consumption and access your charging history effortlessly. Embrace the future of sustainable transportation and download ElectrifyArabia today for a hassle-free EV charging experience like never before.

Main Features

Search & Navigate

Find the perfect charging station for your car model. With ElectrifyArabia, you can effortlessly locate charging stations that are compatible with your specific electric vehicle.

Book & Drive

Reserve your charging spot ahead of time. ElectrifyArabia eliminates the uncertainty of finding an available charger by allowing you to book your spot in advance. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your charging station is secured and ready for you.

Charge with ease

Charge your car effortlessly and with ease. ElectrifyArabia ensures a seamless connection between your EV and the charging station, providing a stress-free and enjoyable charging experience. Simply plug in and let the app handle the rest.

Track you progress

For compatible EVs, the app shows your state of charge (SOC) and sends you custom notifications about your session.

Pay as you go

experience the ultimate convenience and freedom of our “Pay as You Go” EV charging, offering a multitude of charging options tailored to your needs.

Monitor your consumption history

ElectrifyArabia lets you access your previous charging sessions and monitor your consumption patterns. Gain valuable insights, track your charging history, and make informed decisions to optimize your EV charging experience.

Become our location partner

At Emagine, we take pride in our extensive network of EV charger locations strategically placed for convenience and accessibility. Our charging stations are thoughtfully positioned in key areas such as shopping centers, business districts, residential complexes, and popular destinations. With Emagine, you can rest assured that our EV charger locations are carefully selected to cater to the needs of electric vehicle owners, offering a seamless charging experience whenever and wherever they need it. Join us and become part of our growing network of EV charger locations, providing a vital service to the electric vehicle community while boosting foot traffic and customer satisfaction.

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