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High Power Charging

Best for fleets, highways, petrol stations, and car dealerships


fast & ultra-fast charger

blueberry is a new concept for charging, from 50 kW to 600 kW, a DC charger with output up to 1000 V, it can charge more than one EV simultaneously, sharing the power between its outputs.
The blueberry family has four members: the blueberry, with 50 kW, blueberry PLUS up to 600 kW, blueberry CLUSTER for fleet charging, and the new blueberry FUSION, power and user interface, all in one.


automatic cable management system

Charging your EV is now very easy!

blueberry has the flexibility you need.
With its 4.7 m/ 15.4 ft long charging cable, you don’t need to worry how to park your EV.
We develop a CMS, an automatic system, that prevents the charging cable to touch the ground, giving to the user a longer cable.

up to 600 kW

add power units

Choose the power range you want, from 50 kW to 600 kW.

The user interface is the same just need to add power units.
blueberry’s scalable architecture gives you the flexibility for your needs today and tomorrow.

32" touchscreen

new user interface

With a large touchscreen display, it’s possible to include ads or any multimedia content, in addition to charging information.
When charging your EV you can configure a set of parameters, you can pick the power you want to charge, the amount you want to spend or even the time you want to charge.
If you’re curious, you can follow the charging process of your EV on the screen.

32'' display

we use digital to advertise.


blueberry FUSION

blueberry PLUS

blueberry CLUSTER

why blueberry


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