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Overcoming EV range anxiety

Although electric vehicles have established themselves as a more sustainable mobility choice, operating on electricity and playing a significant role in the fight against climate change, range anxiety continues to hold back potential buyers. The fear that an EV will not reach its destination before running out of battery still poses a major obstacle for many consumers.



What is Range Anxiety?


Range anxiety in electric vehicles refers to the fear that the vehicle will not reach your destination before running out of power. The ‘fear of the unknown’ distinguishes EV range anxiety from traditional fuel concerns when driving a fuel-powered vehicle. 

Range anxiety is still labeled and presented as one of the most pressing barriers to mainstream adoption. Much literature acknowledges that range anxiety is increasingly psychological rather than technical in nature.


How can you reduce range anxiety?

1. Install a home charging station.

Home charging is still the way to go. More than 80% of all battery charging happens at home. Set a routine and plug in your EV before you hit the road.

2-Become familiar with the EV infrastructure in your area.

If you live in the UAE, you’re in luck. The country has boosted its charging stations by about 60% in the past three years, aiming for even more by 2025. So once you go electric, finding a nearby charging station is getting easier than ever.

3-Utilize charging infrastructure:

The lack of charging infrastructure was a major factor in range anxiety in the early days of EV adoption. However, We’re seeing more and more programs installing public charging stations for consumers and commercial EV fleets alike. Monitoring EV charge levels to add optimal charging stops in the driver’s route is essential for reducing range anxiety and ultimately keeping your operations running smoothly

4- Take advantage of better battery technology: 

Improvements in battery technology have played a vital role in reducing range anxiety. Modern EVs are equipped with better battery technology that provides longer ranges and faster charging times

5- Plan Your Route: 

With advancements in in-dash navigation systems, you can now easily locate the nearest charging station and plan your route accordingly, further reducing range anxiety.

The State of EVs in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is emerging as a global leader in sustainable transport. Government initiatives are not only enhancing the EV infrastructure but also offering numerous incentives to prospective buyers. With a solid 1% of the car market now electric, and a growing network of over 1,000 charging stations, the country stands as a robust example of how policies can promote EV adoption.

Looking Ahead

As electric vehicles become a more common sight,, concerns about range are expected to diminish. So, if you’re hesitant to make the switch to electric, keep in mind that technology and infrastructure are improving rapidly. 


Remember how worried people were about smartphone batteries? Nowadays, in the UAE, you’ll find phone chargers everywhere. The same trend is happening with EVs. The government is adding more charging stations, and new car models are coming out with better batteries. So if you’re thinking of going electric, now’s a good time.