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Summer and Your EV: Tips for Optimal Charging and Driving in the UAE

As an EV owner, understanding how to protect and optimize your car’s performance in high temperatures is crucial.  

We’re here with a guide to maintaining peak performance of your EV throughout the UAE’s hottest months.

Managing Heat for Battery Health

Optimal battery operation occurs between 20-30°C. It’s crucial to monitor your EV’s battery temperature and take action if it starts to climb too high.

Here’s how to maintain that:

  • Strategic Parking

Where you park your EV can make a huge difference. Look for shaded areas or underground parking when available. If you’re out of options, sunshades or car covers are excellent alternatives to keep your EV cool and protected.

  • Charging Smartly

Charging an EV in extreme heat requires a thoughtful approach. Avoid charging to full capacity under the blazing sun. Instead, aim for 80% to maintain battery health. Plan your charging sessions for early mornings or late nights when the temperatures dip, giving your EV a break from the heat.

  • Preconditioning Your Ride

Take advantage of your EV’s preconditioning features to pre-cool your car while still connected to the charger. This not only offers you immediate comfort but also conserves energy for the road ahead.

Driving and Charging Tips

Conservative driving conserves energy and reduces battery strain. Engage in regenerative braking whenever possible, and keep air conditioning at a moderate level to maximize range.

Avoid charging immediately after a long drive. Let your battery cool down, just as you would after a day out in the sun.

Charging Etiquette

Be mindful at charging stations. Charge to 80% and move on to let others plug in. 

By following these tips, you can enjoy the summer without letting the heat drain your EV’s potential. 

Stay cool, stay charged, and stay moving!

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