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Other Services

Maintenance, operations, billing software and more


Save money and hassle with an annual maintenance contract for your EV charger. Regular upkeep prevents costly breakdowns, extends its lifespan, and boosts energy efficiency for lower bills. Stay warranty compliant and enjoy priority service for quick resolutions. Invest in maintenance to maintain performance and ensure uninterrupted charging for your electric vehicle.

Charge Point Operations (CPO)

Joining us as a Charging Point Operator (CPO) is a strategic move that can significantly contribute to your return on investment (ROI) in EV chargers. As a CPO, you gain access to a rapidly expanding market of electric vehicle owners seeking convenient and reliable charging solutions. By leveraging our comprehensive infrastructure, advanced management systems, and extensive user network, you can attract a large customer base, driving higher utilization rates and generating revenue. Our expertise in operational efficiency, maintenance, and customer support ensures optimized performance and minimizes downtime, maximizing your ROI. Partnering with us as a CPO unlocks the potential for long-term profitability and a sustainable future in the EV charging industry.

CPMS & Billing

Maximize the efficiency and profitability of your EV charging infrastructure with a Charge Point Management System (CPMS). Gain real-time insights to monitor and optimize your EV chargers, ensuring seamless operations. With built-in tier one support and maintenance capabilities, you can swiftly address issues and minimize downtime. Additionally, leverage the CPMS’s revenue generation features, such as payment processing and billing, to monetize your charging services effectively. Enhance control, boost revenue, and deliver exceptional charging experiences with a comprehensive CPMS solution.

Extended Warranties

Secure your investment and gain peace of mind with extended warranties for your EV chargers. Extend the manufacturer’s warranty to protect against unexpected repairs and replacements. Stay worry-free as your chargers remain covered for an extended period, allowing you to focus on powering electric vehicles and contributing to a sustainable future.


Unlock the full potential of your EV charging infrastructure with Emagine’s expert consultancy services. Our team of experienced professionals offers comprehensive guidance and support to optimize your charger deployment and operations. From infrastructure planning and design to installation and ongoing management, we provide tailored solutions that maximize efficiency and user experience. With Emagine’s consultancy services, you can confidently navigate the complexities of EV charging ecosystem, ensuring a seamless and successful operation that meets the needs of your organization and contributes to a greener future.

Emagine Academy

Emagine Academy offers transformative internships and dynamic workshops for universities, utilities, governments, and the automotive industry. Gain hands-on experience, industry insights, and cutting-edge knowledge to drive the future of electric mobility. Join us to shape your career and contribute to the sustainable transportation revolution.

Authority Approvals

Emagine simplifies the process of obtaining authority approval for the extra load required by your EV chargers. Our expertise and comprehensive solutions streamline the application process, saving you time and effort. We navigate the complexities of regulations and work closely with authorities to ensure a smooth approval process for your charging infrastructure. With Emagine’s support, you can confidently expand your EV charging capabilities and meet the growing demand for sustainable transportation. Let us handle the intricacies while you focus on providing efficient and reliable charging services to electric vehicle users.

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