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Choosing the Right Wallbox Charger: Pulsar Max vs. Copper SB

Choosing the Right Wallbox Charger: Pulsar Max vs. Copper SB

When it comes to electric vehicle (EV) charging at home or in communal spaces, selecting the right charger is crucial.  Among the options, Wallbox Chargers stand out for their efficiency, safety, and convenience. Today, we’re comparing two popular models: the Pulsar Max and the Copper SB. Understanding their differences can help you make an informed choice that suits your lifestyle.

Common Features:

Both the Pulsar Max and Copper SB share several standout features, making them a reliable choice for EV owners. 

They offer up to 22kW/hr charging, compatibility with three-phase power, suitability for both indoor and outdoor locations, and WiFi connectivity. 

Additionally, they’re equipped with smart power management, built-in DC leakage protection, and residual current detection. 

The integrated app features such as displaying energy consumption in your preferred currency, lock/unlock function, and scheduling charging sessions, add to their user-friendly nature.

With these shared capabilities, you’re assured of quality performance, no matter which model you choose.

Pulsar Max – Designed for Homeowners:

What makes it ideal for shared villas and apartments?

Monitor your EV’s energy spending with ease: The Pulsar Max lets you track how much electricity your car is using. This feature is a game-changer for shared living arrangements, making it simple to split energy costs fairly.

Secure your charger, worry-free: With the Pulsar Max, you have the power to lock your charger. This means you decide who gets to use it, keeping your charging point exclusive for your EV.

Type 2 Charging: The Pulsar Max is equipped with a Type 2 cable, the standard for most European and Asian EVs, making it a versatile choice for many homeowners.

User-Friendly Features: It comes with a 5-meter cable and an exclusive cable holster, adding convenience to its sophisticated design.

Who Should Choose Pulsar Max? If you’re an EV owner living in a villa or apartment, looking for a personal and efficient charging solution with cost tracking and individual locking features, the Pulsar Max is tailored for you.

Copper SB: The Choice for Diversity

Universal Socket: The Copper SB’s universal socket makes it a suitable choice for American or Chinese EVs, offering a wide range of compatibility.

Multiple User Management: If you’re considering a charger for shared spaces like offices or community parking, the Copper SB shines with its ability to manage multiple users.

Robust and Versatile: Not only does it cater to a variety of EVs, but it’s also built to withstand the demands of frequent, communal use.

Who Should Choose Copper SB? For businesses, communities, or individuals with diverse EV needs, especially American or Chinese models, the Copper SB offers the versatility and robustness required.

Making the Right Choice

Your lifestyle and the type of EV you own are key factors in deciding between the Pulsar Max and Copper SB. For dedicated personal use, the Pulsar Max offers efficiency and ease. For communal settings or a wider range of EV compatibility, the Copper SB is the go-to choice.

Both Wallbox chargers offer excellent features and performance. Understanding your specific needs and the strengths of each model will help you make an informed decision and confidently power your EV journey.

Still Unsure?

Our team at Emagine  is here to help. Contact us for expert advice and find the perfect Wallbox charger for your unique requirements.